Introduction to JavaScript

A script is a form of computer program. But unlike traditional programming language, that manipulates the process of the computer, scripting tends to involve a far smaller set of simple instructions. Many of these instructions will be related to accomplishing a specific purpose, such as validating user registration forms etc.


JavaScript is an object-based lightweight interpreted programming language. Netscape Navigator has embedded the general purpose core of the JavaScript. And also a different type of internet browsers and embellished for internet programming with the addition of objects that represent the online browser window and its contents. This "Client-side" version of JavaScript allows "executable content" to be included in web pages. It means that a web page needs no longer be static HTML, but can include dynamic programs that interact with the user, control the browser, and dynamically create HTML content.



Basic of JavaScript

Many people confuse JavaScript with Java, which is a programming language developed by Sun Microsystem, Inc. Therefore, I have listed the differences between Java and JavaScript in the following section.


  • Script writing in JavaScript is interpreted by the browser. You can not write stand-alone programs in JavaScript. So you need a browser to interpret JavaScript.
  • JavaScript is object based. There are no classes. There is no inheritance. Data within objects is readily accessible.
  • JavaScript requires that data types be loosely coupled. There are lots of data types can be seen in JavaScript language. Such as numbers, character strings, and booleans (booleans are logical represent yes/no, true/false, on/off data) and freely interchange them.
  • JavaScript scripts cannot really do all the neat things that Java applets can.
  • JavaScript is embedded in HTML. 



Embedded JavaScript with HTML

The structure of a programming language is the set of elementary rules that specify how you write a program in the language.

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